Sociology coursework topics

Course Topics Category Objectives Introduction to Sociology: The Basics Learn the definition of sociology and why it is important. Research some basic theories and perspectives related to sociology. Key Sociology Theorists Study the works of sociology theorists, including Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Du Bois. Sociology Research Methods Find out what types of research methods are used in sociology. See how research is interpreted and used. Foundations of Society Discover the elements and perceptions of culture. Study social interaction theory alongside the various agents of socialization. Theories of Individual Social Development Look at theories explaining individuals' social development. Survey the perspectives of Freud, Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan, Mead, and Erikson. Social Groups & Organizations Learn how social groups form and explore the characteristics of these groups. Study such concepts as groupthink, social loafing and social conformity. Diversity in Society Survey sociological theories of deviance, labeling theory and social-conflict theory. Examine the American class system alongside global stratification. Sex and Gender in Society See how much of a role gender plays in defining individuals and learn about the role of sex in society. Race and Ethnicity in Society Examine the ways race and ethnicity influence interactions between social minorities and majorities. Study theories used to explain prejudice. Aging in Society Explore theories of aging and learn about the challenges associated with growing older. Economics and Politics Discover the links between economics, politics and society by studying such topics as labor markets, the evolution of the economy, forms of government and social power theories. Social Institutions Study a range of social institutions, including family, religion, schools, and healthcare systems to explore their roles in society. Social Change Over Time Examine historical migration patterns, the growth of cities, and causes of demographic change. Take a look at crowd behavior along with the types and stages of social movements.

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This course culminates in the application of program knowledge and skill acquisition of sociological perspectives and analysis as they relate to the various content areas. Students apply theory and practical application strategies as they complete a research project that demonstrates critical thinking, using both Christian worldview, the scientific method, and sociological theory/perspectives about the effects of society upon human social behavior and human social behavior’s impact upon society. Upon course completion, students possess basic skills to engage the social world through a well-developed sociological toolkit.

Sociology coursework topics

sociology coursework topics


sociology coursework topicssociology coursework topicssociology coursework topicssociology coursework topics