Simplicity william zinsser thesis

I agree with the case for simplicity with 2 exceptions, 1. Full batten main sails are more efficient and if combined with a Fast Tack slide system are easy to raise lower and reef. 2. I installed a Pro Furl 5 years ago with some trepidation about not having the right sail up for the conditions I gave it a trial. For me the issue was laid to rest at . when the wind jumped from 8 kts to 26knts and I went from a 150% genny down to a 100% jib (granted it was shaped as well as my 100% hank on) without leaving the cockpit. I was able to ease the main off with the traveler and avoid reefing as the edge of the squall past in about 20 minutes. Aside from sheets and furler line everything is done at the mast. Yes simple is best but some gear does make sail trim and handeling easier, safer and the boat faster.

late 14c., "singleness of nature, unity, indivisibility; immutability," from Old French simplicite (12c., Modern French simplicité ), from Latin simplicitatem (nominative simplicitas ) "state of being simple, frankness, openness, artlessness, candor, directness," from simplex (genitive simplicis ) "simple" (see simplex ). Sense of "ignorance" is from ; that of "simplicity of expression, plainness of style" is early 15c.

Middle English also had simplesse , from French, attested in English from mid-14c. in sense "humility, lack of pride," late 14c. as "wholeness, unity;" as "ignorance."

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Simplicity william zinsser thesis

simplicity william zinsser thesis


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