Setting homework

My eldest son is 7 years old now, so he will be heading into 2nd Class (equivalent to 2nd Grade) once he heads back to school after the summer holidays. Although he loves getting stuck into activities with his two younger siblings (aged 3 and 5) I want to start to give him some of his own activities to do that are appropriate for his age and growing needs. He is so keen to learn at the moment, I really want to seize this opportunity to sit down and work with him on some special projects over the coming months. I’m sure his siblings will sneak into some of them as well, but I want Liam to be the main focus of these activities.

At the school where I work, we, form teachers are responsible for creating a homework schedule for our form class. I am in charge of Year 6. According to our Primary School Homework Policy - students can only be assigned two homework assignments per day because they cannot spend more than one hour doing their homework. Some parents agree to our homework policy, but on the other hand, others think their children should not be given any homework because they spend the day in school. Our school uses the CLIL approach and our students are from different backgrounds and nationalities. Some Korean parents want us to assign even more homework to their children whereas some Brazilian parents think that it's not necessary to give any homework. But in the end, every student is assigned homework whenever their teachers decide to give them. Each student is supposed to have an agenda to write down his/her homework assignments in order not to forget to do them and thus meet the deadline. This is also a good way to teach them how to be more organized. Furthermore, the agenda is also used for the teachers to communicate with their parents and this has shown to be very effective. This article is thought-provoking and It has made me reflect on many points I've never stopped to think about. From now on, I'll try to consider these things mentioned in this article before setting homework for my students. I don't want them to do their homework carelessly just because they don't want to get a demerit. I want them to be encouraged to do their homework and have fun by doing it. Thanks very much for your amazing article. ~Hugs from Brazil~ Bruno Levy

Setting homework

setting homework


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