Remembering holocaust essays

The full extent of Mengele's experiments will never be known because most records were destroyed. Instead we have first-hand testimonies, such as this from Vera Alexander, a Jew who survived Auschwitz, where she had looked after 50 sets of Roma twins : "One pair of twins called Guido and Nina was barely older than four. Mengele picked them up and brought them back mutilated in a perverse way. They had been sewn together at the back like Siamese twins. Mengele had also connected their veins. Their wounds were suppurating, they cried day and night. Their mother, I remember that she was called Stella, had somehow been able to get hold of some morphine and used it to put an end to the suffering of her children."

In June 2006, in a private sale mediated by Christie’s, Lauder purchased Adele Bloch-Bauer I from Altmann and the other heirs for approximately $135 million, the most that had ever been paid for a painting at the time. He reminisced that he had first seen the painting in Vienna when he was 14 years old. “I always coveted the picture,” he said. “But it was in a museum. I never knew it would be available.” When the opportunity came to buy it, Lauder jumped. “I knew this was the only time I’d ever have to buy this painting,” he said. Since then, the painting has become the centerpiece of Lauder’s small museum, the Neue Galerie, in New York City. The four other paintings recouped by the family were sold for a total of $ million and entered private collections.

Remembering holocaust essays

remembering holocaust essays


remembering holocaust essaysremembering holocaust essaysremembering holocaust essaysremembering holocaust essays