Rainy season essay in malayalam

if i want to had a choice as the best ,autumn can be regarded the most memorable season for ,most choices has something to do with personal a matter in fact,my personal feeling have to me until i choose this season. any way, i have a great number of reason for my choice if i want to name them,that would be a long of all,it's remind me of the end of the beginning and the trees are starting to turn into the most beautiful colors of reds,yellows; as a result,autumn into the golden lover season with make up natural colors in real sense of to say, each season enjoys it's own beauties but i like this season more than any thing else,since one gives to me special peace of mind. in the other words,i which in spend a really good time in this don't want to go so far but should be said "autumn is the king of season". from my perspective autumn is not only emotional season but the turn point in nature as well, because of the autumn's rains. finally, the most entertainment in this season for me is look something like this, walking, swimming, in addition to photography and other similar thing.

The Rainy Season is also not without troubles. It brings us some inconveniences. As roads become muddy, people face difficulty in going from one place to another. If it rains for days together, the working class people suffer from starvation. They do .not get any work anywhere. Prices of essential commodities go up due to interruptions in supply of goods to the market. Many diseases break out. Malaria, dysentery and diarrhea are quite common. Impure water is the chief reason of the spread of diseases. Flood occurs and brings heavy damage to crops.

Rainy season essay in malayalam

rainy season essay in malayalam


rainy season essay in malayalamrainy season essay in malayalamrainy season essay in malayalamrainy season essay in malayalam