Princeton graduate thesis

Graduate school is a serious commitment of time and hard work, and requires some planning. Graduate study is more focused and challenging than undergraduate work, and expects its applicants to have strengths in the field they plan to study. If you plan to study a graduate program that differs from your undergraduate field, it is likely that you will need to meet additional prerequisites. Certain programs will also require students to take a standardized test, such as the GRE or GMAT. For these reasons and more, applicants will want to plan ahead and allow themselves enough time to comfortably check application requirements, complete necessary testing or prerequisites, acquire letters of recommendation and secure funding.

The UL Lafayette Graduate team in Petroleum Engineering won first place for student presentations at GOM Deepwater Technical Symposium in New Orleans. David Sergio was honored by  the Symposium committee and more than four hundred industry participants for his outstanding research and presentation. He was also awarded a cash prize as the first-place winner. The UL Lafayette PETE team beat out over 20 student and poster presentations. Congratulations to all UL Lafayette PETE students for raising the quality bar and displaying the academic ability of our University.

When applying early decision to the college of your dreams, it is more important than ever to have an incredible admissions essay. The key to convincing the admissions officer that you truly want to attend this school is to give very specific praise. Avoid generic praise such as “prominent faculty,” “exciting courses” and “amazing student groups” as those could be used with any school. If you want to study political science, find the department website so that you can tell the reader which seminars thrill you, which professors impress you and which research labs or student groups you would join. Bonus points if you mention an internships program you would pursue during the summer or any community-based programs that are truly unique. To get some specific ideas, Google the name of the university along with search terms such as “student groups,” “faculty political science,” and “internship.” Once you’re done, you’ll have a truly convincing and memorable application essay. Good luck!

Princeton graduate thesis

princeton graduate thesis


princeton graduate thesisprinceton graduate thesisprinceton graduate thesisprinceton graduate thesis