Industrial design dissertation examples

Instantly recognisable, the Coca-Cola contour bottle is a masterpiece in industrial design that dates back to 1915 when the Coca-Cola Company asked its bottle suppliers to design a new bottle that would be distinctive and instantly recognisable - even in the dark. Designer Earl R. Dean took up the challenge, and following instructions issued by his boss, aimed to come up with a design based on the ingredients of the drink. Unable to find any reference images for either the coca leaf, or the Kola nut, Dean instead used an image of a cocoa pod from his encyclopedia as inspiration, leading to the iconic ribbed bottle shape we know and love today.

“My studio resembles a mad scientist's lab,” Melissa says, referring to recent experiments with making sculpture by growing it — from sugar crystals. “I have always been really interested in the intersection of art and science.” Since graduation Melissa has continued to pursue her passion though a residency at the Vermont Studio Center and an NEA grant to study at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Now living in Brooklyn, she’s an active member the Wayfarers artist collective and balances studio work with a day job as a sculpture conservator.

We at Fripp Design and Research realise and understand the importance of product design to you and the need to provide value for money, whatever size organisation you are and whatever your budget may be. Therefore we take a staged approach to Industrial Design and Product Design. We commercially engage with you one stage at a time; at any stage you can decide to pause your project, so you are in control of your budget as your project develops. So, whether your budget is £250 or £250,000 please click here   to see how we can help you  achieve your new product development goal

Industrial design dissertation examples

industrial design dissertation examples


industrial design dissertation examplesindustrial design dissertation examplesindustrial design dissertation examplesindustrial design dissertation examples