Iwanna write a book

Dedicated readers know that I don't advertise on this blog. There's only one exception: If I find a resource that I fully believe is worth your time and money, I will absolutely share it. That's exactly the case with the Writing Blueprints online courses, created by Children's Book Insider . The information here (currently there are courses for picture book and chapter book writers) is incredibly in-depth, the advice is rich and actionable, and the prices are reasonable. The interface is fun and easy to use. I have absolutely no qualms recommending this content to my readers.

I have come across this blog topic for the first time and it’s great! The first blog is sort of one of the biggest hurdles to newbie bloggers. According to me, the most important aspect of your first blog is to make it appealing to your own friends and social network. When you share your first blog with them, there is a higher chance of getting some feedback on your chosen topic as they know you already. One should also try to focus on what you already know about, no matter how silly it may be. Making it to the second blog is the top priority for most people who are trying their hands with blogging. 🙂

Once upon a time, he could breathe. The air was clean in the countryside and the smoke from the fire didn’t scorch the lungs, but warmed them. However, his mother had been struggling for years, the call of the leaves tucked inside a roll of paper were too much for her. He watched as the machines took over the most basic aspect of life, he saw her return home with a hole in her throat, and knew that though she died of an illness, the constant battle with her lungs sure as hell didn’t help her stay alive. From then on he had a vengeance against the smoke, and was determined he could tempt himself and live to tell the tale. So he sputtered and choked through one cigarette and decided he could never do it again.

Iwanna write a book

i wanna write a book


i wanna write a booki wanna write a booki wanna write a booki wanna write a book