Essays on socialism and capitalism

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  • Administration of Island Possessions
  • American Boy
  • Biological Analogies in History - Romanes Lecture delivered at Oxford, 7 June 1910
  • British Rule in Africa - Speech at Guildhall in London in 1910
  • Case Against the Reactionaires
  • Character and Success
  • Citizenship in a Republic
  • Colonial Policy of The United States
  • Conditions of Success - Speech at Cambridge in 1910
  • Confession of Faith
  • Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  • Dedication of the Louisiana Exposition
  • Duties of American Citizenship
  • Duty and Self Control
  • Expansion of the White Races
  • Guildhall Speech in London, England in 1910
  • History as Literature
  • How Not to Help our Poor Brother
  • Inaugural 1901 (Vice President)
  • Inaugural 1905 (President)
  • International Peace Address in Oslo, Norway
  • Law & Order in Egypt
  • Leader and the Cause
  • Letter to George Otto Trevelyan - 1 October 1911
  • Letter to Sir Edward Grey
  • Lincoln and the Race Problem
  • Louisiana Exposition Dedication
  • Man in The Arena
  • Man With the Muck-Rake
  • Murder on the High Seas
  • Naval War College Address
  • New Nationalism
  • Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
  • Nobel Prize Disposition Letter
  • Obstacles to Immediate Expansion
  • On American Motherhood
  • Peace and Justice in The Sudan
  • Professionalism in Sports
  • Re-Internment of John Paul Jones
  • Right of the People to Rule
  • Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  • Speech Delivered when Shot in the Chest
  • State of the Union 1901
  • State of the Union 1902
  • State of the Union 1903
  • State of the Union 1904
  • State of the Union 1905
  • State of the Union 1906
  • State of the Union 1907
  • State of the Union 1908
  • Strength and Decency
  • Strenuous Life
  • Square Deal
  • True Americanism
  • The World Movement - Speech in Berlin in 1910
  • We Stand at Armageddon I
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    It expressed his opinion that the outdated British class system was hampering the war effort, and that in order to defeat Nazi Germany , Britain needed a socialist revolution. Therefore, Orwell argued, being a socialist and being a patriot were no longer antithetical, but complementary. As a result, "The Lion and the Unicorn" became an emblem of the revolution which would create a new kind of socialism, a democratic "English Socialism" in contrast to the oppressing Soviet totalitarian communism —and also a new form of Britishness, a socialist one liberated from Empire and the decadent old ruling classes. Orwell specified that the revolutionary regime may keep on the royal family as a national symbol, though sweeping away the rest of the British aristocracy.

    It seems as though we are doing the very thing that history has proven doesn't work: forcing socialism. How can France expect its workers to work hard if it's nearly impossible to fire them? How can we expect welfare recipients to find jobs if it's easy for them to sit at home and get welfare? I know that there is a real need for welfare among some people, but there are others who smoke and drink and do nothing to better themselves. Socialism is forced on the rest of Americans when they are taxed and their money goes to such people. If this continues, Americans will become more and more lazy and our nation will degenerate to a quasi-socialist, nonproductive society.

    Essays on socialism and capitalism

    essays on socialism and capitalism


    essays on socialism and capitalismessays on socialism and capitalismessays on socialism and capitalismessays on socialism and capitalism