Essays on famous artists

The apparent simplicity of his works has led many people to believe that anyone, even a child, could paint them. But on closer inspection, it is clear that his final works were the culmination of over 30 years of study, and his Neoplastic compositions were in fact incredibly complex and wholly original. His Reductionist style of design continues to inspire painters, fashion designers, and creative departments in advertising and packaging - covering almost every facet of modern life. As well as being seen as one of the most inventive of 20th century painters , he is also considered the father of graphic design, which was founded on his basic grid-style structure.

Shifting from being front and center to an observant spectator, I began to see beyond myself, picking up the art of people-watching. As if placing an invisibility cloak on, I would quietly sink into the blue armchair, discreetly watching peoples’ behavior and interactions with one another. I found myself creating whimsical backstories of circumstance for each passerby, intertwining chance encounters and meaningful exchanges. People-watching not only helped me to become more aware of those around me, was also as an opportunity to explore undiscovered parts of myself.

Essays on famous artists

essays on famous artists


essays on famous artistsessays on famous artistsessays on famous artistsessays on famous artists