Essays on absolutism

Louis XIV and Peter I had to increase the power of their country to keep their absolute monarch to show their control over their country. To go about gaining power for their country they turned to the army to gain more land and therefore creating more power. Louis XIV was determined to gain an excessive amount of power for his country, he had so much aggression when he went to war with the United Provinces that Louis XIV was the purpose of William III, Prince of Orange to gain power after the resign of Johan de Witt. It was with that, that in 1678 that there was peace and the signing of the Treaty of Nijmegen, where Louis XIV gained territory in the Low Countries. Even though "the Treaty of Nijmegen improved France's influence on Europe" , Louis XIV was dissatisfied and was determined to gain Strasbourg, an important strategic outpost. In 1681, Louis XIV had taken over and Strasbourg and it was now under his control. Louis XIV was not as much into the military as Peter I was. When Peter I took the thrown his country, his country was decades behind the rest of Europe. "Peter was determined to understand how and why the Russian lagged behind their neighbors." Peter I was keen on making Russia more westernized. He first started with making his courtiers and officials cut their beards off, wear European style clothing, the abolishment of the Russian calendar, and shortened the alphabet. Once Peter began to alter the Russian way of life to becoming more European, he set out for a better navy and army for the security and

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Essays on absolutism

essays on absolutism


essays on absolutismessays on absolutismessays on absolutismessays on absolutism