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The scarcity of the application of computer sciences in developing countries and its consequences kindled my desire to excel in this field. Growing up in Africa, I became enticed seeing the applications of computer science in the media. Its application extended to connect unrelated fields. Out of this contemplation, my interest in computing was conceived. I nurse the dream of applying various data management skills, and establishing rigid security system across the various constituting structures in the society to enhance the completion of operations. Studying computer science was therefore a passkey for me to be able to reach out to scientific and non-scientific areas of the society. My educational and career goals have therefore been shaped by a craving in interdisciplinary studies involving computer Science and other fields for an active involvement in diverse work areas, and especially in developing countries where the lack of data management is the cause of numerous chaos and greatly accounts for societal flaws.

Consequently, I engage in cross curricular projects towards developing elementary skills across fields to better relate them to computer sciences. Similarly, I chair several extracurricular activities involving diversity, social justice, cultural awareness and health issues. During these interdisciplinary explorations, I partake in various computer-related enterprises, from advertisement to leadership. As a computer science student, I am inquisitive about the extents of the application of computer science and its mechanics. These foster my interest in research on innovations on such mechanics to improve the application of this science.

My involvements outside class also make more acute my interests in resear...

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...e to other fields of study in order to make innovative sightings that will ease other societal and scientific processes and procedures This will also enable me to develop skills necessary to approach and solve the vast amount problems which cannot be addressed in the limited time required to complete any graduate degree. After completing this degree, I hope to able to develop critical analysis and problem solving skills to approach and propose rewarding plans to diverse issues in the society. Although at this point I remain open to specificities regarding my intellectual involvements as a graduate, I have the strong need to direct most of these towards promoting the development of third world countries. Coming from one of such countries, I feel the need to give back to the community from where I hail, and that which contributed to my education, US.

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Essays contribution school

essays contribution school


essays contribution schoolessays contribution schoolessays contribution schoolessays contribution school