Essay urging ratification during

The Constitutional Convention was partly a reaction to the threat posed by Shay's Rebellion, which was greatly exaggerated by Henry Knox in a letter to George Washington, which Washington then repeated in letters to his correspondents. 26 Knox played the role of governmental Paul Revere – warning of the approach of anarchy. Forrest McDonald wrote of Knox: "On the strength of little more than his imagination, he shouted to all who would listen that a full-fledged rebellion was under way, that huge bands of armed men were about the seize the federal arsenal at Springfield, and that, for good measure, an Indian uprising was about to appear from somewhere." 27 Knox's apocalyptic vision had an impact on other leaders. Historian Gordon S. Wood observed: "The belief that the 1780s's, the years after the peace with Britain, had become the really critical period of the entire Revolution was prevalent everywhere during the decade. By the mid-eighties the oratory and writings were filled with talk of crisis to the point of redundancy: 'The present crisis is critical in the extreme.'" As Wood observed: "American liberty seemed in fact to have made revolution perpetual and civil disorder legitimate." 28 In effect there was little national government of which to speak.

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Essay urging ratification during

essay urging ratification during


essay urging ratification duringessay urging ratification duringessay urging ratification duringessay urging ratification during