Essay on herodotus and thucydides

In these days a classical education like the young Leopardi’s is unthinkable; above all, Count Monaldo’s library has multiplied explosively. The ranks of the old titles have been decimated, while new ones have proliferated in all modern literatures and cultures. There is nothing for it but for all of us to invent our own ideal libraries of classics. I would say that such a library ought to be composed half of books we have read and that have really counted for us, and half of books we propose to read and presume will come to count—leaving a section of empty shelves for surprises and occasional discoveries.

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Essay on herodotus and thucydides

essay on herodotus and thucydides


essay on herodotus and thucydidesessay on herodotus and thucydidesessay on herodotus and thucydidesessay on herodotus and thucydides