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Back in the day, the idea of putting your hands on a vinyl record was practically sacrilegious. But early DJs like Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Grand Wizard Theodore pioneered the techniques we now take for granted and got party crowds moving with their artistry. Break beats, scratching, looping, and punch phrasing are the skills of the DJ, and you can learn to get started if you want to participate in disc-jockey culture. Learn what equipment and basic skills you'll need to develop, as well as how to build your fanbase and experience into a potential career.

            The Del Cappos didn’t last long and, while attending Monkland High School in Montreal’s west end, Hill joined a band with guys a couple of years older, who were playing club gigs. It was a step up from the weekend church basement circuit and Hill found himself playing much more often, getting home at 3 . and getting up for classes the next day. The band, Dave Nichols and the Coins, wanted to hit the road. But Hill was still in school and was not inclined to make the serious move to full-time musician. It was a wise decision, despite the disappointment of his band mates. “I enjoyed that band,” says Hill. “We were making pretty good money for the time and I thought we had a great sound.” Then he got a call from Dave Nichol’s younger brother Allan. He wanted to start up a new band, one that would soon have Hill putting aside any regrets about leaving his former band behind.

Djs homework

djs homework


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