Descriptive essay ocean

I thought that I was living a happy, merry, exciting and fascinating life, but it’s nothing when compared with the life when you’re in love. One day I realized that my life was black and white and only love was embellishing it with striking colors. What is more, every new day brings new colors, surprising me by their multiformity. It’s like I found myself in a new world, the world just of two persons, where we will live eternally.

In this world I can’t imagine myself apart from him, because we are like only two pieces of the puzzle, which finally met, fit together perfectly, and will never separate. It’s a very exciting feeling for me to see that the farther away, the more we merge to a single whole. We even have the same thoughts and desires, as I just can think about something and he will do the same, without any words. We feel each other and sometimes we don’t need words to express our thoughts, as our eyes can tell everything. Moreover, it’s impossible to describe such miraculous feelings in words.

Descriptive essay ocean

descriptive essay ocean


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