Contemporary issues essay

Ever since I was young, I’ve wondered what it would be like to be someone else. As I walk through a shopping mall or an airport, different people capture my imagination and I invent stories about their lives, and wonder what it is like to see the world through their eyes. Writing fiction gives me a chance to explore the world through other people’s eyes. I have to imagine lives other than my own, and characters that have radically different ways of seeing the world around them. In this way, I can explore different perspectives on the world. In an important sense, all of my nonfiction work, especially in philosophy, has been about embracing different perspectives on our shared world. Fiction is an adventure in perspective, a way of traveling the world in the imagination.

Five criticisms of the protesters are constantly raised. They are (1) "If you haven't seen the movie, how do you know it's bad?"; (2) "It's fiction, just a story, so don't get upset if it doesn't stick with the Bible;" (3) "The Bible says Jesus was tempted, and that's all this movie is trying to show;" (4) "Don't get upset about the sex scene with Mary Magdalene. It's only a dream temptation, and he doesn't really do it;" and (5) "You Christians are so narrow-minded and bigoted you want to censor free speech."

Contemporary issues essay

contemporary issues essay


contemporary issues essaycontemporary issues essaycontemporary issues essaycontemporary issues essay