Blackhole essay

If I were told that one could be repealed and the other not, I would favor the repeal of the 16th.
The income tax was sold the way most grand schemes are sold (see Healthcare), the creation of “adequate” revenue for the central government, efficiency and minimal inconvenience.
It has not produced any of the promised results (as our soon 17 Trillion dollar official debt attests to), and has produced metastatic corruption. It’s so bad that “the service” (the preferred reference of the IRS) now arrogantly tells us that it has lost two years of incriminating emails.
This is a lie, and impossible. Anybody with the slightest knowledge of IT knows about the “grandparent, parent and child” method of preserving data archives and that data exists in at least three places or it doesn’t exist at all.
The best objection to a drect individual tax by the central government is that it violates subsidiarity or in technical economic terms, produces assymetric bargaining. This is an abstaction until you see it. When my Aunt called me earlier this spring about a deficiency notice she received from the IRS, she was terrified. It turned out that it took the IRS 2 years to make this inquiry, and the assessed deficiency of ~600 bucks was comprised of a 1099-INT that wasn’ received from a financial institution and a 1099-R that the IRS apparently couldn’t read as having had ~500 withheld. Septugenarians that have always played by the rules shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of fear-especially when it is the result of the taxing agency’s incompetence.

If Jonathan is so shameless to open his mouth and talk, are you so dumb and equally shameless to support him? For God’s sake, GEJ had no better economic team and he himself admitted after leaving power that he was not prepared for the presidency: a clear admission of failure on his part. He was just fortunate to have ruled when our oil was selling well. However, what did he do with the bumper proceeds? He and his thieving friends stole the proceeds. It is not his fault sha. In saner climes he will cooling his dumbo ass in prison.

Blackhole essay

blackhole essay


blackhole essayblackhole essayblackhole essayblackhole essay