Anology essays ideas

According to Plato the theory of the state originates from the theory of the soul. The theory of the soul is composed of three energies which are reason, appetite and emotion. These three energies should be ordered in ordered for one to be happy. A person who stays a life that is just and morally upright is free from any harm as opposed to the one who is immoral. For there to be happiness, there must be justice. Also, Plato thinks that the state should be ruled by a group of guardians who only consist of Philosopher-Kings because he believed that the key to a successful leader was knowledge and such guardians liked to learn. Plato's politics make for a just community. This is because he considers having both genders in the political ruling and to avoid the jealousy among the kings; he calls for communal ownership of property. Lastly, the politics of Plato are not preferable to democracy as they did not prescribe for any laws which govern a state and this would encourage criminal activities.

If you were to compare a eukaryotic cell, which includes plants and animals, to a factory, you might see the ribosomes as workers (they produce protein), the nucleus as the boss (it controls what is happening in the cell), the rough endoplasmic reticulum as the conveyer belt (this is where the protein is produced), the Golgi apparatus as the shipping center (it packages and ships proteins), and the mitochondria as power generators (they use food to provide usable energy to the cell).  Following this analogy, you should be able to come up with roles for the rest of the organelles within your factory. 

Anology essays ideas

anology essays ideas


anology essays ideasanology essays ideasanology essays ideasanology essays ideas